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Everyone needs help with their car sometimes. But if you’re on the hunt for factual information or helpful technical knowledge, online forums like are NOT where you should begin your search. In this video, Nolan is joined by host of Money Pit, Zach Jobe. Together they scour the dark depths of Quora for some of the worst (and funniest) car advice the world wide web has to offer.

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Bad Car Advice From Quora
Bad Car Advice From Quora

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#Bad #Car #Advice #Quora.

Bad Car Advice From Quora.


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  1. @5 min… I'm a dealer TECH who actually bought a used car from the Ford Lincoln Mazda dealer I work at. Though I had the advantage of knowing more about what I was buying. I DIDN'T NEGOTIATE. Even as the dealer sublet this car for a safety inspection and service I inspected it myself. I got it for 2500 less than asking and I haven't driven or bought a car that put a smile on my face like this one. I love my job.

  2. My sister and I learned to parallel park with our dad's 1975 (?) Buick Lesabre. Even though the driver's test for some time has replaced "parallel parking " with "maneuverability," my wife and I taught our sons how to parallel park.


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