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Answering Questions on Quora!
Answering Questions on Quora!

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Answering Questions on Quora!.




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  1. To say that Quora sucks, is an UNDERSTATEMENT… I got most of my tags deleted from my questions just simply because someone doesn't really agree with them. I usually like to hang out and chat with some of the boxing pundits over there (I followed quite alot of them during the time while I was still there) on questions mostly related to boxing. I typed in 'Landing Bombs' as one of the tags on some of the questions that were totally related to heavyweight sluggers who usually hit very hard. ANYONE who is in the boxing community, who understands the sport at all; would obviously KNOW that 'Landing Bombs' is a very popular boxing term often used to describe the act of hurting somebody with POWERFUL HEAVY PUNCHES. I mean, what else can it possibly mean? Did somebody get the WRONG IDEA somehow? All those goddamn retarded politically-correct idiots on Quora would take offense to simple innocent terms like that, and always keep changing it or deleting it from the list of tags! WTF is their problem anyway??? >: P


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