Afghan Refugees in Turkey Terrified at Taliban Takeover | turkey | En son Tay şarkıları


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Refugees’ trek was long and they dealt with extreme weather, but with violence unfolding in Afghanistan, they said life back home was becoming unbearable #Afghanrefugees #Turkey #afghantaliban

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Afghan Refugees in Turkey Terrified at Taliban Takeover | Bu konuyla ilgili görseller.

Afghan Refugees in Turkey Terrified at Taliban Takeover
Afghan Refugees in Turkey Terrified at Taliban Takeover

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#Afghan #Refugees #Turkey #Terrified #Taliban #Takeover.

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Afghan Refugees in Turkey Terrified at Taliban Takeover.


Afghan refugees,Turkey,afghan taliban

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16 thoughts on “Afghan Refugees in Turkey Terrified at Taliban Takeover | turkey | En son Tay şarkıları”

  1. Taliban Takeover has created complete CHAOS !! When the Gone-boy coward EX PRESIDENT with the name ASHRAF , ran away in the middle of the night what would be in the minds of the citizens who voted for him do or think ?  #Ashraf-Gone-boy Saved himself and his Turkish Wife than save the people of Afghanistan . Shame on you Ashraf! 
    You had the position as the commander of chief in Afghanistan you should be the LAST ONE STANDING . Don't you have Honor? Respect? Dignity? I am familiar with your type I have my mothers brother who acts like you ! You had the education which makes what you did appalling .
    Regardless, you left the poor people of Afghanistan in the dust while you packed up your heli with stolen government money. if you say NO , its going to create a bigger problem just stop your lies and say how scared you were for your OWN LIFE !!!!! HOW SELFISH YOU ARE !! And so on , and so forth. Ashraf Gone boy What should the Afghan young boys and girls learn from your actions ? What do you feel should be expected of the Afghan Citizens who are hiding in AFG or sleeping scared in Tents at or ON boarders ?  What is your deliverance message to them ???
    Its not like some NORMAL government came in to takeover . A RELIGIOUS ORGANIZATION that has brought upon BLOODSHED ALL OVER THE WORLD !!!!
    Each country needs to carefully identify who each person is that is applying for asylum because the last thing you want is some SECRET Talib cells to migrate to each country. Otherwise, Afghans that I know have a heart of gold;

    🛑 BEWARE ~ EXCEPTION 🛑 Residing in Colorado 🛑 
    ⬇. ⬇. ⬇. ⬇. ⬇. ⬇

    Those ones talk a good game, tendencies are to LATCH ON YOU. steal jewelry & money while another cries poor mouth convinces you to invest in a company that HE has the intentions of giving you ZERO. Meanwhile, he runs around USA & Afghanistan talking about he is "SHAHZADA" 
    and someHOW that was translated into being MY MATERNAL GRANDFATHER ( LOL which he is not ) He also has a lack of wisdom where he wanted to PUFF his Chest and say He owned Sari Shahzada ( which is owned by multiple other children like my mother, aunt, and few other uncles. He took it upon himself to take pictures of the middle of the building which is where $ is exchanged . Ironically the images were pallets of money my friends. Not just one little pallet . Multiple pallets all over the property ( outdoor mall type area ) with standard size pallet as you know in america . I'm still wondering if he is stupid enough to keep that up on his website.  🤣🤣🤣
    He doesn't; seem to understand the concept of our family owns the PROPERTY ONLY, WE COLLECT RENT ONLY, OH sorry , YOU ONLY COLLECT RENT & GIVE ZERO TO YOUR BROTHERS AND SISTERS . Thief is what I call you . And so many beautiful Afghani Women you went to RUSSIA and brought her to help you spend my grandfathers money.
    The money on the pallets are not yours . Puff your chest out more and more.
    Don't forget you still owe me $15,000 from 1993 with 18% interest .
    Who Is Able to Guess Who This Afghan Is ?
    How many times was he married in America?
    How many times and why he was deported back to Afghanistan?
    Special Prize for the person or people who can take a guess on the identity of this person and Property that is being referred to in Kabul ? 
    Clues Initials are BS ( couldn't have been better )
    First Name: B########  
    Sur Name: S######

  2. to those innocent afghans may god bless need to unite and fight fight for your country. the solution is not to run. BUT i hope one day you find your peace at home. may the christian God Bless you all

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