a weekend in my life | Introverted Yogi Edition | hitomi | 最新のタイの歌

a weekend in my life | Introverted Yogi Edition – タイの音楽情報


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My life is not the most eventful and I’m really content with that right now, waking up snd doing Yoga, cleansing my space, reading, and eating nourishing meals is basically how my weekends have been going and I am stoked on it!

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I plan on switching up my filming/editing style soon because I haven’t been as inspired or proud of my videos as they are so I’m excited for subtle upgrades on that front, and to share more about my practice soon

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Sending love and blessings your way,

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0:00-0:11 intro
0:11-1:32 my ideal morning routine
1:32-2:35 henlo
2:35-3:00 house cleaning day
3:00-3:21 yummy azz tacos
3:21-6:18 outfits of the week
6:18-6:43 editing wormhole
6:43-7:33 why I practice
7:33-8:03 ootd
8:03-8:21 Brunch brunch
8:21-10:41 liberating myself socially
10:41-11:45 uninvited guests…
11:45-12:37 Another new day
12:37-13:03 my vlogs are just cleaning montages at this point
13:03-13:38 my ideal Sunday

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a weekend in my life | Introverted Yogi Edition | このトピックに関連する画像.

a weekend in my life | Introverted Yogi Edition
a weekend in my life | Introverted Yogi Edition

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a weekend in my life | Introverted Yogi Edition.


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22 thoughts on “a weekend in my life | Introverted Yogi Edition | hitomi | 最新のタイの歌”

  1. the lack of "entertainment" in your vlogs is what makes me feel a connection with you. I'm an introvert who likes slow living and having my own little rituals (and who also struggles with anxiety around social situations!), so i really enjoy and identify with what you post 🙂

  2. Oh I feel you so much Hitomi with what you said about losing myself in such situations when I feel like I have to be present in a way actually no one assumes me to be but myself. Yes, people who are totally fine with being in their space even in social situations like a brunch are so inspiring and show us how easy it actually is to be authentic especially in company and that real good friends are totally fine with that and appreciate when you take your moment and be yourself especially because the recognize when you are actually NOT YOU and anxious. So we can learn again to JUST BE. We have the right to be here, just as we are ☯️

  3. Thank you for this video <3 It helps me realize that our everyday life must not be perfect and filled all the time with stuff to do/ people to see/ places to go to be great ! I'm holding myself to such irrealistics standards sometimes … I always expect myself to be much more social than I am, wanting to be like those highly energetic and bubbly persons I meet. I guess sometimes I'm this way, but not always and that's okay too to be silent and not have much to say in the moment. Thanks for being so real and staying authentic with us, it helps me accepting myself the way I am which is a lifelong struggle for me <3

  4. You should rub mint essential oils on your window frames and door. The cockroaches don't like that, and will less likely enter if done consistently.

  5. Thank you lovely soul for sharing. 🙋🏻‍♀️This introvert fully appreciates! Your life is never boring to witness. It is beautiful and full. I absolutely loved when you spoke of your roommates…you said “Thank you for letting me be a character in your movie.” That was so thoughtful and sincere. I loved that. 🙏🏻💕☀️

  6. please keep filming these type of videos! i absolutely adore them and feel so connected somehow 🥰 when you were talking about your brunch-social interaction and how when you get shy you lose your personality i related so much and it felt so relieving knowing that other people are the same! anyone have any advice for things like this?

  7. Thanks hitomi! I really appreciate and admire how vulnerable you are with not just us, but yourself. Thank you for being for being a participator and mirror in all of our lives <3

  8. I’m so glad that you were talking about social liberation and feeling like you lose your personality when your shy I love that and am definitely going to keep that with me

  9. Just cruising not forcing anything to fit into your life is great advice. We spend so much energy trying to force things or even years regretting the what ifs. I totally love this advice of not forcing anything.


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