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2020 Bilibili Chinese Anime / Donghua Preview and Reaction | bilibili | 最新泰语歌曲

2020 Bilibili Chinese Anime / Donghua Preview and Reaction – 泰语音乐信息

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Bilibili basically just challenged the world to an animation fight! At their annual conference they took the slogan “made for China, made for the future, made by Bilibili” and echoed it as a war cry. 40 brand new animation announcements each with a well made PV beyond simply the concept stage. I was impressed so I had to talk about it! This is probably one of the toughest edits I’ve done on a video since Summer, but I really did want to challenge myself to talk about every single PV. …now I shall never do that again! Still, this will serve me well as a reminder of all the great and not so donghua that bilibili are gonna be bringing to us shortly. I hope you enjoy it too!

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2020 Bilibili Chinese Anime / Donghua Preview and Reaction | 与该主题相关的图像.

2020 Bilibili Chinese Anime / Donghua Preview and Reaction
2020 Bilibili Chinese Anime / Donghua Preview and Reaction

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2020 Bilibili Chinese Anime / Donghua Preview and Reaction.


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  1. as a chinese speaker it's normal in school when memorizing the multiplication table to omit the "times" and "is" from "nine times nine is eighty-one", so it comes out as "nine nine eighty-one". nine in chinese numerology is… it's like the best, highest attainment of success (it's the highest single digit numeral because chinese like most other human languages counts in base ten), it's a very auspicious number, symbolically kind of like the carp attaining dragon form. I don't know anything about the actual series but my best guess is like, suggesting the meeting or clashing of godlike beings, idk

  2. In the southwest of ancient China, there was a witchcraft called "Yang Gu". It means grabbing a group of various poisonous insects, throwing them into a container, closing the lid, not giving them food, letting them kill each other, ferociously killing the weak, the most toxic and the less toxic, waiting for a while Time, open the cover, the poisonous worm that finally survived is "Gu". The Chinese use this word to describe bilibili's animation industry model.



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