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mahjong – Bu konuyla ilgili bilgiler.

Watch as four of the world’s best mahjong players representing China, Japan, Taiwan and Hong Kong compete for the title of World Champion at the Grand Final of the World Series of Mahjong at the Venetian Macao. And the winner is…

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2015 World Series of Mahjong Grand Final | Bu konuyla ilgili görseller.

2015 World Series of Mahjong Grand Final
2015 World Series of Mahjong Grand Final

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2015 World Series of Mahjong Grand Final.


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  1. This must be what it feels like for a non-poker player to watch the World Series of Poker Texas Holdem video:
    "He discarded the white dragon? What does that mean? Six dots? But four are red. Does that matter? What the heck is that squiggly line with a few dots on top mean? Woowww."

  2. The name "Chinese taipei" saig it all ……
    ISO 3166-2 International Organization for Standardization ISO code. Retrieved 2020-08-26. Short name TAIWAN, PROVINCE OF CHINA. taiwan is included as a subdivision of China because of its political status within the United Nations, as, even though it is de facto under the jurisdiction of the Republic of China instead of the People's Republic of China, the United Nations does not recognize the Republic of China and considers taiwan as part of China. In ISO 3166-1, taiwan is listed as "Taiwan, Province of China"

  3. Filipino style mahjong is way more exciting – a variety of side bets, you get major points for 7 pairs, “escalera”, “bisaklat “, last card bunot, extra points for jai-alai (5 wins), etc. You should try it sometime.


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