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10시간 잔잔한 수면음악 + 빗소리 – 편안한음악, 불면증 치료, 힐링음악, 피아노 음악 ASMR | 음악 | 최신 태국 노래

10시간 잔잔한 수면음악 + 빗소리 – 편안한음악, 불면증 치료, 힐링음악, 피아노 음악 ASMR – 태국 음악 정보

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10시간 잔잔한 수면음악 + 빗소리 – 편안한음악, 불면증 치료, 힐링음악, 피아노 음악 ASMR

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10시간 잔잔한 수면음악 + 빗소리 – 편안한음악, 불면증 치료, 힐링음악, 피아노 음악 ASMR | 이 주제와 관련된 이미지.

10시간 잔잔한 수면음악 + 빗소리 - 편안한음악, 불면증 치료, 힐링음악, 피아노 음악 ASMR
10시간 잔잔한 수면음악 + 빗소리 – 편안한음악, 불면증 치료, 힐링음악, 피아노 음악 ASMR

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#10시간 #잔잔한 #수면음악 #빗소리 #편안한음악 #불면증 #치료 #힐링음악 #피아노 #음악 #ASMR.

10시간 잔잔한 수면음악 + 빗소리 – 편안한음악, 불면증 치료, 힐링음악, 피아노 음악 ASMR.


Relaxing Rain Sounds,Sleep Music,Meditation,Stress Relief,Meditation Music,Piano Music,Healing Music,The Soul of Wind

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  1. everyone that wanna suicide,take a look at my comment before you make a decision

    i know things are tough for you,i know you cant take it anymore…..but there are the people that loves you very much,suicide wont solve the problem,but it makes the problem bigger and you hurt those who love you and everyone is precious they are made only one everyone is special…so ?have you made ur decision?are you sure with that decision?

    seek for help if u need you can communicate to me as well,i will always be there for you😊

  2. I'm so sorry, i couldn't be like the one you expected. I'm very sorry for disappointing every of you. I have no one i can talk with. I don't want to bother them with my own problems. I keep it all to me cause it will hurts me when i'm realize there is no one can be my good listener. Day by day, i'm tired to be someone who some persons lean their head on my shoulder. I'm also wanna be that person who you can proud with. I want to do every thing that can make you smile. I hate those hateful eyes, those hateful words. I hate remembering all of the moments that make me cry a lot, moments where i doubt my self too much. I miss my laugh and i hate my tears. I really want to smile again. I don't want to be fake. Pretending to be okay, its hurt me. Eventhough i love to be alone, but i hate when people ignore me. Yea, you said that im strong, but there is also one time where i look deep to that roads, and imagining to run over to that road. People please be nice, your words literally can kill me. And now im questioning myself again, am i doing my best and work hard over it for me or to fulfill people expectation towards me ? I can't wait to finish all of this, so then i wont meet again all of those people who enjoy hurting me :)
    I want to laugh, i want to smile, and i hate having tears flow over my cheeks :)

  3. Please use a search engine:1)END CCP
    我們鄭重聲明:所有參加過共產黨與共產黨其它組織的 (被邪惡打上獸的印記的)人,趕快退出,抹去邪惡的印記。這個邪惡的黨(魔教)在歷史上卻對眾生、對神佛犯下了滔天大罪,神一定要清算這個惡魔。一旦誰對這個魔教清算時,大紀元儲存的記錄可以為聲明退出共產黨和共產黨其它組織的人作證。天網恢恢,善惡分明;苦海有邊,生死一念。曾被歷史上最邪惡的魔教所欺騙的人,曾被邪惡打上獸的印記的人,請抓住這稍縱即逝的良機!方法一:到大紀元網站右上角的退黨區退黨團隊。方法二:用化名寫上自願退出中共黨團隊組織並張貼在合法公共場所區域。也請告訴您在中國大陸的一些朋友用:短波收音機在6~8MHz這個頻段就可以收聽到希望之聲24小時的華語廣播。

  4. If you ever feel alone just remember that there are other people going through depression as well. You're not alone, I know you feel like it but you're not. I'm proud of you for being this strong and still hanging on. I wish I could give every single one of you a hug and take your depression away. Have a good day/night/evening <3

  5. "Right now, there are people all over the world who are just like you. They're either lonely, they're missing somebody, they're depressed, they're hurt, they're scarred from the past, they're having personal issues no one knows about, they have secrets you wouldn't believe. They wish, they dream and they hope. And right now, they are sitting here reading these words, and I'm writing this for you so you dont feel alone anymore. Always remember, don't be depressed about the past, don't worry about the future, and just focus on today. If today's not so great don't worry! Tomorrow's a new chance. If you are reading this, be sure to share this around to make others feel better. Have a nice day!"



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