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"그때 우린.." 아련한 수면음악 – 가끔은 그리워 | 음악 | 최신 태국 노래

"그때 우린.." 아련한 수면음악 – 가끔은 그리워 – 태국 음악 정보

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음악 – 이 주제와 관련된 정보.

문득, 가끔은 그리워 가슴 설레었던 그때가, 함께 였었던 그대가, 그때의 우리가.. 너의 밤이 따뜻하기를. 곡명 그림명 “그때 우린..” “사랑은 그 자리에” “Memory” …

여기에서 전 세계의 더 많은 컨트리 노래 정보를 찾을 수 있습니다

"그때 우린.." 아련한 수면음악 – 가끔은 그리워 | 이 주제와 관련된 이미지.

"그때 우린.." 아련한 수면음악 - 가끔은 그리워
"그때 우린.." 아련한 수면음악 – 가끔은 그리워

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"그때 우린.." 아련한 수면음악 – 가끔은 그리워.


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  1. 제목 그대로… 그림 그대로 그때 그리워
    눈오는 겨울… 가끔 생각나네요~
    그리운 추억 소중한 추억이네요
    현재도 소중해^^
    다들 행복했으면 좋겠어요~

  2. “K” It’s been 12 years already! It took me 12 years to realized that you were the one. I am so sorry for not been the girl you deserved. I am sorry I couldn’t tell you what you really meant to me. I know you are happy now. And I am happy for you, but I just can’t stop thinking of you. I also know you probably don’t remember me ( hope you don’t ) but I hope that wherever you are at, you are the happiest person ever. You deserve it “ K”. Sorry for everything. Please forgive me. 🙏🏼

  3. I saw this in my recommended and I feel like this is the most positive comment section I’ve been in. I feel finally free and able to draw freely without restrictions. I hope everyone does well and live a long life

  4. "When I was 15 years old, I was stuck in a coma for 4 years. I was forced into my coma by practically drowning at the beach. After waking up from my coma 4 years later, I had no recollection of what had happened most aspects of my life. Soon after I was awake, my family was called to the hospital I was being kept at. I quickly began to ask questions. Questions that felt important to me, but I had no memory of. The more they began to tell me, the more I began to remember. I soon realized somebody was missing from my family. Somebody important to my story. Not long after their many stories, I was informed of what happened to me. I was told my family took me and my girlfriend on vacation. As the water began to take me away, my dear girlfriend, that I still to this day have no memory of, attempted to save my life, thus ending her own. I met her family, and shared memories I was supposed to have, but couldn't remember. She was so pretty. I was amazed how I had somebody like her in my life. We had met back in middle school, and never left each other since then. I am 19 years old. I was in a coma for 4 years of my life. A life that took somebodys I cared about."

    This was the story my friend left us, and not my own.

  5. I give up, Roberta, my dear friend, sorry for dint save you in time.. I know u was in depression and I still being useless.. I miss you a lot.. and Miriam my dear wife, sorry, in the end I will make you worse nightmare come true.. I have to kill myself, plis forgive me, I know you will be happy, I hope u can reach all your objectives.. sorry for lose you too.. sorry for lose everything and everyone.. I'm so sorry my love.. I wish I could see you all smile one last time.. sorry everyone.. iv tried so hard.. I never believed that I could pass 20 years old and here I'm.. ready to kill myself.. it's going to hurt like hell but np, I'm going to see you all.. I love u all so much.. sorry for give up like that.. I can't handle this pain anymore.. goodbye my friends.. I wish someone had patted my head one last time.. you know how much I wanted it my love.. so.. now.. you will can do it forever ♡.. plis find me.. I don't want be alone again.. so plis find me.. I'm coming for you all.. my precious treasure.. my everything ♡.. my family.. I love u all too much.

  6. It been so long I lived through nothingness, almost forget what love really feels like. Someday i gotta let go for the last time with happiness and love carried with me.

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