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多巴胺分泌音乐 钢琴曲目《第一辑》『Dopamine secretion music piano tracks』"The first series" | 音乐 | 最新泰语歌曲

多巴胺分泌音乐 钢琴曲目《第一辑》『Dopamine secretion music piano tracks』"The first series" – 泰语音乐信息

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The melody of the player is the same, and your body may experience a wonderful feeling. You may have an increased heart rate, enlarged pupils, elevated body temperature, and active cerebellum that controls physical activity. Even the goose bumps on the arm stood up. Why is this happening? This is related to the secretion of dopamine in the brain. Studies have shown that this is because the concert stimulates the reward path, and the large amount of dopamine is secreted, so that the striatum is soaked in dopamine. The striatum is part of the forebrain and is activated once it is rewarded or motivated. And the pleasure that music can bring to the head seems to be similar to sex, gambling and artichokes. Surprisingly, however, the experiment found that when music is about to enter certain special passages, such as when it is about to enter the chorus, dopamine will be secreted in advance in the first few seconds. Therefore, the researchers speculate that the brain is actually a good listener and will constantly predict what music will be heard next. But the music can be embarrassing, its rhythm can be unpredictable, a bit like trying to tease our brains, or let the dopamine triggers remain in a state of guessing, when our goosebumps stand up. Because when you finally heard the long-awaited melody, the striatum in the brain was satisfied with the spike of dopamine, so the goose bumps came to report.

特此声明: 1. 本频道各影片的音乐制作大部分是由WorldMusicCreation音乐世界的团队创作,均有临床研究和经过大脑实验,音乐皆由特定的频率制成的,另一部分的音乐特辑为整合网路上的音乐资源,如有任何版权上的冒犯,请立刻告知。 2. 如要引用、重制本频道的音乐,或用于任何商业/非商业途径,请至本频道的官网和facebook专页联络我们。 3. 音乐封面为辅助图像,版权归于该摄影师和设计师所有。


Hereby declare: 1. Most of the music production of this channel is created by the team of WorldMusicCreation Music World. Both have clinical research and brain experiments, music is made by specific frequencies, and another part of the music special is integrated network. If you have any copyright offense on the music resources on the road, please let us know immediately. 2. To quote or reproduce the music of this channel, or for any commercial/non-commercial channels, please contact us on the official website and facebook page of this channel. 3. The music cover is an auxiliary image and the copyright belongs to the photographer and designer.

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多巴胺分泌音乐 钢琴曲目《第一辑》『Dopamine secretion music piano tracks』"The first series" | 与该主题相关的图像.

多巴胺分泌音乐 钢琴曲目《第一辑》『Dopamine secretion music piano tracks』"The first series"
多巴胺分泌音乐 钢琴曲目《第一辑》『Dopamine secretion music piano tracks』"The first series"

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多巴胺分泌音乐 钢琴曲目《第一辑》『Dopamine secretion music piano tracks』"The first series".




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